Why Choose Aviation as a Career?

Just like any other career path, aviation can certainly have its ups and downs. However, this is a career choice that will serve you very well when it is considered that millions of people fly from one location to another each and every day, as do tons of consumer goods and products. Here are some reasons why individuals often choose aviation as a career.

Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream

For many people, choosing a career in aviation is not about the money or the job security. For these folks, aviation is about fulfilling a lifelong dream to fly. Whether they are in the cockpit, shivering on the tarmac as they work to remove ice from a passenger planeís wings, or working in a hangar to replace massive jet engines, these folks simply love the idea of working in an industry that defies gravity and allows people to literally put the wind beneath their wings. If you have a passion for flight in any or all of its forms, then a career in aviation is always a great choice.


Whereas some careers are pretty cut-and-dry (think of a veterinarian or a dental hygienist, for example), a career in aviation is incredibly flexible. For instance, if you want to be a pilot, then flying commercial jets isnít your only option. You can opt to fly sightseeing tours, pilot crafts for aerial surveying, or even go to work for the Coast Guard to participate in rescue operations. Whatís more, there are several different aviation programs available that will allow you to enjoy anything from the business management side of things to a hands-on job as an aircraft mechanic.

Job Security

Many of the most exciting career choices out there donít seem to offer much in terms of job security, but this isnít true of aviation. Boeing, the worldís largest producer of commercial and passenger aircraft, claims that the industry grows by about 5% each and every year Ė and has been since 1964. People want to fly because itís the fastest and safest way to get from one destination to another, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. As such, an aviation career is a great choice for you if you want to enjoy security and a stable income.

A Challenging Work Environment

Letís face it Ė some people arenít happy in careers that require them to do the same things day in and day out without ever facing a challenge or a problem. Regardless of the career in aviation you choose, thereís always a puzzle to be solved. Pilots will need to make course corrections, mechanics will need to determine what is causing an aircraft to behave in a certain manner, and even airport managers must constantly figure out ways to increase revenue and decrease overhead costs while still maintaining customer satisfaction. In a nutshell, if youíre looking for a challenging work environment, aviation is for you.

Last, but most certainly not least, a career in aviation brings with it a certain level of satisfaction. Pilots get to take pride in getting their passengers to their destinations safely, and aircraft mechanics know that they play an important role in this by keeping aircraf safe.