The Aviation College Admission Process

If you are a high school graduate who is interested in attending an aviation college in order to earn a degree that can serve you for a lifetime, then you will need to know what to do in order to get accepted. The following information will help you understand what to expect from the time you apply until the time you attend your first class.

Start Your Aviation Education Early when Possible

These days, aviation colleges are quite selective when it comes to admitting students. As such, you’ll need to get a leg up on the competition starting as early as high school, if possible. You’ll want to take courses that can be applied to aviation, including things like mechanics, small engine repair, and other similar trades when they are available to you. If you have the option to obtain a private pilot’s license, this can also act in your favor as it shows a dedication to your chosen career path.

Make Sure to Understand Admission Criteria

The admission criteria set forth by aviation colleges varies, so it is important to get this information as soon as possible – preferably while you are still in high school – so that you can be sure to meet (and exceed) the expectations. You’ll need to meet GPA (Grade Point Average) requirements, and some schools may even require that you have some specific background knowledge in aviation to be accepted. This might come in the form of studies in meteorology, aerodynamics, physics, and other related fields.

Apply to Several Colleges

As with any career choice, while you might have your sights set on an aviation program at a prestigious school like MIT, you should always have some backup options in place. It’s best to apply to four or five different schools when possible. Remember that many colleges have application fees that cost between $50 and $150 or more, but if you send the school an email expressing your interest – or if you know an alumni of the aviation programs – then you may be able to reduce this cost significantly.

Understand Your Options

It never hurts to apply to several different schools, but you’ll want to make sure that the aviation colleges to which you apply can offer you a degree that will help you land the job you want once you graduate. For instance, if you want to be an airport manager, you’ll need to attend a college that can offer you a degree with a focus on business administration in the aviation sector. Similarly, if you want to become an aircraft engineer, you’ll need to find a program that can provide you with this knowledge. Not all degrees are well-suited to all aviation career choices, and you’ll need to be selective in this regard.

In a nutshell, it’s in your best interest to find a few different schools that can offer the education you need to succeed in the specific aviation career path of your choosing, start early to meet the admission guidelines set forth by those colleges (including obtaining a pilot’s license, when necessary), and work hard throughout high school to prove that you are dedicated to your future.