Aviation Colleges in Virginia

There is a variety of aviation colleges in Virginia from which those who are aspiring to be pilots, aircraft mechanics, or even aviation managers can choose. Each one offers one or more programs that are tailored to provide just the right amount of education to help you succeed in the aviation career of your choice.

Averett University – Richmond

Averett University, located in Richmond, was founded in 1852. It offers a business-related bachelor’s or master’s degree, and their Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Management program is one of the absolute best in the country. There are two different concentrations from which to select, and these are Aviation Business and Aviation Maintenance Operations. The first will allow you to successfully run an airport while the second is designed to give you the knowledge you need to oversee the maintenance of aircraft for the military, commercial airlines, and the private sector.

Hampton University – Hampton

Hampton University offers what may be the largest and most comprehensive selection of aviation degrees out of all of the colleges in the United States. Here, there are several different degrees from which you can choose, and these include Bachelor of Science degrees in Aviation Computer Science, Aviation Electronic Systems, Aviation Management (with an administration or air traffic control focus), and even Flight Education in which you can learn to teach others who are interested in earning their pilots’ licenses. All of these programs are taught on-campus in relatively small classroom settings in order to allow you to get the most benefit from your education.

Liberty University School of Aeronautics – Lynchburg

The Liberty University School of Aeronautics has grown from only four to 600 students currently enrolled in flight programs there in just 12 years, making it the largest faith-based aeronautics school in North America. Students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Aviation degree online while visiting the campus to get in their flight hours, and the school also offers certificates and associate’s degrees in Aviation Maintenance and Technology for those who prefer to work behind the scenes to keep aircraft in good working order.

Virginia Tech College of Engineering

Virginia Tech is one of the more prestigious colleges for those who are interested in aviation careers, and that is due in part to the Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering. This college takes two major disciplines and turns them into a single study to help aspiring aeronautics engineers (aviation and aerospace) better understand not only the mechanics of the aircraft, but how they respond to the environment. Extensive facilities here include wind tunnels, flight simulators, and high-tech computer systems that can all be used together as part of the engineering process. Graduate and undergraduate degrees are available.

As you can see, the state of Virginia is home to many different schools and aviation colleges that can offer you the degree you need to be successful in your career of choice. For more options, you can visit the Virginia Department of Aviation online where all of the best accredited colleges can be found along with information about applicable scholarships and grants.