Aviation Colleges in California Help Aspiring Pilots Reach Their Dreams

California is the land where dreams come true. If your dream is to become a pilot, California has it what to takes to make that dream a reality. Aviation colleges in California give students the knowledge they need to pass the FAA licensing exams and/or a degree in an aviation related field. In addition, some colleges provide the practical experience in the field that licensing requires and others allow students to use their FAA certification as credits towards a degree.

Mt. San Antonio College

Mt. SAC offers students the education necessary to become a pilot, air traffic controller, airport/airline manager, or aircraft maintenance technician/mechanic. The school does not require students to fly in order for them to obtain their degrees. However, if a student plans on obtaining an FAA certification, flight hours will be needed. It is best to take the flight classes at Mt. SAC, since classes at the college will provide credit towards the degree. Mt. San Antonio Collegeís training takes place at the schoolís flight facility, called College Aviation, which is located at Brackett Airport.

Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering at San Jose State University

The Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering offers degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Amongst the schoolís many bachelor programs are Aerospace Engineering and Aviation. The BS in Aviation comes with four options: Operations, Aviation Management, Avionics, and Maintenance Management. Aviation is also available as a minor or concentration for students enrolled in other parts of the college. Students who have completed a bachelorís can pursue a M.S. in Aerospace Engineering or Quality Assurance.

San Diego Christian College

San Diego Christian College provides a faith based aviation training. The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology degree comes with three options for specialization. Students can choose between Missionary, Military, or Commercial pilot training. Students in the missionary track who have completed at least one semester of college may be eligible for a loan forgiveness program. 25% of the loan is forgiven for each the year the pilot works for a certified missionary organization. This can be a significant help, since flight training at SDCC costs students an extra $5,000 a semester.

Crimson Technical College

Crimson Technical College offers a 17.5 months long program in Airframe and Powerplant. The program can be taken during the day or at night, and at the end of the program, students are ready to sit for the FAA certification exam. Once certified, graduates are qualified for any entry level Airframe and Powerplant job in the aviation industry. Crimson Technical College was acquired by Crimson Aero Corporation in 2008. Before then, it went through a number of names, including Northrop Rice Aviation Institute of Technology and Westwood College of Aviation Technology.

Minu-Sepehr Aero Space University

Minu-Sepehr Aero Space University is a non-profit university located in Los Angeles. The school offers post graduate diplomas, diplomas, and certificate programs. The programs are very flexible and students have the option of traditional classes, online courses or independent study. Students can also choose to take a class or two without completing an entire degree program. Individuals with life or work experience can sit for a comprehensive examination to obtain credit for their experience.

Aviation colleges in California offer students the opportunity to obtain the training they need to pursue a job in the field of flying while they are still pursuing a degree. Each of the aviation colleges in California is different from the next, offering degrees at different levels of education and with different subject focuses. With all the variety available, there is sure to be a college that offers just what you need.