A Brief Look at Online Aviation Degrees

For the most part, you can earn a number of undergraduate and graduate aviation degrees completely online and from the comforts of your own home. This will allow you to continue your studies while you are employed part- or full-time, and many of the internet-based programs are fully accredited, as well.

What Youíll Need

If you will be seeking an undergraduate (associateís or bachelorís) degree in aviation, then you will need to provide your high school transcripts or, in some cases, a copy of your GED. If you already have a pilotís license, then many online schools will allow you to provide proof of this for credit toward your education. If you do not have a pilotís license in a career in which such a license is required, then the online college of your choice can direct you to an affiliated campus where you can earn your private pilot or commercial pilot license in a traditional or accelerated program. This license requires hands-on flight time and cannot be obtained online.


Another thing that youíll want to check out Ė and this is especially true if youíll be seeking a masterís or even a doctoral degree later down the line Ė is whether or not the online aviation school of your choice is accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International, or AABI. This accreditation is important because it assures your potential employers that the education you received is of the highest quality. Whatís more, an accredited program can also provide you with more online learning resources.

Graduate Degrees

You can be successful in many aviation careers with an associateís or bachelorís degree, but if you are interested in becoming an aviation manager, an airline executive, an aviation engineer, or even a college professor who teaches aviation courses, then youíll want to seek a masterís or even a doctoral degree in aviation. These will take anywhere from two to four years on top of your bachelorís degree, and there are some online schools that offer them Ė particularly in aviation management and safety.

Hands-On Aspects of Study

While there are some aviation degrees that can be earned completely online, such as a degree in management or safety, others will require at least some hands-on experience. As such, before you choose your online college of choice, make sure that their programís campus for hands-on training is affordable and within your distance requirements. Some careers that will require hands-on training (a guideline of the FAA) include aviation maintenance and engineering. In many cases, students will spend a few days per week at an actual campus while completing the classroom portion of their education completely online.

As you can see, there are a number of different things to consider when it comes to choosing an online aviation college. Aside from the ones listed here, some other things to keep in mind include program focuses, cost, and whether or not the college of your choice will accept any grants or scholarships that you have applied for and/or received.